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Multitrack is not recorded

I recently bought the Android versions of "USB Audio Recorder" and "Audio Evolution Mobile". We use a digital Behringer XR18 mixing console for recording our band.

My Problem with USB Audio Recorder:
When recording mono or stereo channels everything works fine. But when choosing "multitrack" to record all 18 channels of the XR18, nothing is recorded. Even not the channels that are recorded correctly when mono/stereo is configured. The meters show that there is input but when playing the record there is no output and no meters too. Press on play has neither output on the XR18, nor on the Android device (also not when USB is unplugged), nor with a 3rd party tool. Playing works correctly with mono channel recording. When using the Audio Evolution Mobile App, recording multiple channels in parallel works fine (tried it with six channels).

Can you help what I am doing wrong? I played around with the configurations like buffer size and bus speed but nothing helped. Obviously Audio Evolution Mobile is the better solution anyhow. But if we have to start a recording very quickly, the USB recorder can be the faster solution.

Our setup:
  • Behringer XR18 mixing console (USB sends are configured correctly as Audio Evolution Mobile recordings show)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 with Android 14
We probably will need a log file for this, so please contact
Ok, thanks for the information. Email might not arrive until next year as I'm not sure whether I will make it to our rehearsal room this year.

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