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Losing output device setting
I'm trying to use UAPP to control my Moode based Rpi.  I can "cast" to the Rpi set as a UPNP device, but if I pause the music, then when I try to unpause a few minutes later UAPP has forgotten my output setting is tries to play to a USB dac (which doesn't exist, so I get an error message).  I can go back in the menu to reselect my Rpi in the Cast settings, but it seems to me that this should default to the last setting (similar to how Bubbleupnp and mconnect "remember" the output setting).

FWIW, I prefer UAPP over the other two (Bubble is too buggy and crashes and mconnect's interface is poor), but this loosing the cast setting is rapidly becoming a show stopper for me (I pause quite a bit when I'm listening to music at work).

Appreciate any suggestions!

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