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Hi End Eversolo DMP-A6/-A8 with UAPP?

this email in short: Will UAPP run on these devices (to be installed as apk)? And will it even improve USB audio playback?

AFAIK nobody tried, yet.

Some details:

Eversolo (audio fraction of Zidoo, China) seems to rise at music servers/DACs.

Android based user ifc with touch screen, loads of functionalities, all built well, and price is OK for higher end audio (~1000...2000 Euros).
Recommending Hans Beekhuyzen's Youtube channel...

They have an audio optimised Android (11, afaik), allowing bit perfect transfers (they say...)

As streaming local music via USB audio in async mode is my main interest, i thought:
- using the proved eXtream USB audio driver would make a fine comparision
- maybe even a very good idea for any hifi manufacturer

Best regards, Ecki

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