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How to make auv3s receive audio input?
Hi, I’m trying to use koala sampler, samplewiz2 or tardigrain in midi instrument tracks, but i cannot find a way to make them receive the necessary audio input. This is possible, right?
In loopy pro or Drambo it’s as simple as connecting inputs (midi/audio) directly where required, but as AEMS seems to be a bit more rigid in that regard, there has to be a slot or screen i haven’t discovered yet.
AUv3's receive input from the audio on the track or a sidechain. There is no way to set another audio input.
Sidechain sounds like a workaround. I tried using koala as fx and as instrument, but in any case I couldn’t make it receive audio and midi at the same time. These plugins need both types of input, as they record samples (from microphone ideally) and allow playing them via midi.
Does it mean this is not possible, or could sidechaining audio input in some way be a potential workaround (or is this restricted to the compressor plugin)?

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