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How can I coax better audio quality out of "Other radio stations"?
I have about thirty web radio stations programmed into the "Other radio stations" section of UAPP. 

In all of them, I get so-so, or OK, audio quality. They're all just slightly . . . muddy-sounding. The highs just aren't quite there.

(I have UAPP side-loaded onto an Android TV.  All the audio goes through an RME ADI-2 USB DAC and into a 2238B Marantz receiver and a nice pair of floor-model B&W speakers.)

I don't know if anyone here is familiar with the "RadiOMG Soma FM" app, which plays all the Soma FM web-station channels, but for reasons unknown to me, when I switch over to the Soma FM app, I get far better sound quality out of streams that are all 256/41000, just like the streams coming in via UAPP.

One thing I've noticed is that it doesn't appear that I can do any EQ-ing while in UAPP's "Other radio stations."

I do get stunningly rich and robust sound out of UAPP when I play DSD files.

I've been through all the settings multiple times, but I may still be missing something that will enable better sound out of UAPP's web-streams. 

Would anyone have any hints or ideas?  

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