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Cannot access Flow-8 mixer from within Chromebook
I am on a bit of a personal expedition.  I recently purchased a Behringer Flow-8 as the basis for a "micro PA".  That gives me 4 preamps, plus I have two wireless receivers that put out line level, so it is a very versatile 6-microphone mixer with good digital effects and two monitor sends, all in a very small package, and all easily battery powered (other than the wireless receivers, which I could power through a small Ryobi inverter if ever needed.  This should handle more than half of the PA jobs I do.

The Flow-8 can serve as an audio interface for a DAW, so I'd like to add recording to this package.  I have been able to get AEMS running on a Samsung Android tablet.  And that may be all I ever need with this setup.  But I do have a rather compact ASUS Chromebook that has more memory and CPU power, so I thought I would try to get that working.

The AEMS app installs fine.  The Flow-8 connects to the Chromebook, and that automatically switches the ChromeOS microphone and speaker settings to the Flow-8.  I can play sound (e.g. Youtubes) on the Chromebook and it plays to external speakers connected to the Flow-8, so that is all working.  That is all great.

The problem is that I can't get AEMS to see the Flow-8.  When I plug in the USB connection, there is a ChromeOS notification that directs me to the setting
    Settings → Apps → Google Play Store → Manage USB Devices

In that page, there is the option to make the Flow-8 visible to Android apps.  I set that on, of course, but no matter what I do, AEMS will not see the Flow-8.  In the AEMS Audio settings, the Flow-8 does not appear.

Does anybody have any ideas how I might get this to work?  It looks like the AEMS app would run great on the Chromebook, if only it could see the Flow-8.

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