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Error message "Cannot resample in bit perfect mode" while casting
I have ONE specific Tidal track which won’t play at all when casting to either of my 3 Chromecast enabled speakers.
Track: Donna Summer, I Feel Love (12" Version).
It’s a HiRes track with HiRes logo.
Meta data:
Sample rate: 192000 Hz
Resolution: 24 bit
Bitrate: 5249 kbps

There is the following error message: "Cannot resample in bit perfect mode".
Question is simple: What does this mean and is there anything I can do ?

UAPP settings for Bit Perfect mode are set to "Always". When I switch to "When possible", the track plays.
Is this the way to go ? Can I be sure that all of my other tracks will play in Bit Perfect mode ?
OK, I think the answer is simple.
Maximum sample rate in Chromecast is 96kHz, that’s why resampling is required.
For the time being, I will leave the option as "When possible" in Bit Perfect mode.

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