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AE PA Error: Couldn't open stream
AEM android user checking out AE 5 Windows. I'm getting this when I press the record button. PA Error: Couldn't open stream! Unanticipated host error

The track is armed. It sees my Lexicon Alpha and is set by default as ASIO and Card as ASIO Alpha. 

Perhaps those settings by default aren't correct?

Thanks for your help,


Info: Dell Optiplex 780 - Lexicon Alpha - 
Installed drivers downloaded from Lexicon: Alpha Installer 2.6

Audio Evolution 5.3.12 TRIAL VERSION build: 699
Date: 2015/01/20 11:18:43

The following third-party libraries are used in this program.
To view their respective licenses, please see the 'Licenses' folder in your Audio Evolution directory.

* Port Audio
* Port MIDI
* wxWidgets (wxWidgets license)
* libsndfile (LGPL)
* SoundTouch (LGPL)
* wxThings (wxWidgets license)

Audio Evolution is commercial software and protected by copyright law.
© 2013 eXtream Software Development


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