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Music on external flash-drive
I have music on an external flash-drive (mounted with ES File Explorer). UAPP seems unable to find that mounted volume. Is that expected behaviour, or have I misconfigured something?
ES File Explorer uses its own USB mass storage driver. If you cannot access the drive without ES through the system's regular driver, then indeed you cannot use it in UAPP.
I have the same issue on my Nexus 5 that is running Android 6.0 Build MRA58N.

Android is able to mount the USB storage device and it also shows up under Settings > Storage & USB > Portable storage. However, UAPP is still not able to find the USB storage device.
I just mounted a USB stick on the Nexus 5 / Android 6 and cannot see it in ES File Explorer, so it probably doesn't mount it in such a way that every app can use it.
I too have a Nexus 5 with Android 6.0 build MRA58N and would love to access external storage. My phone has only so much space for FLAC files (no SD cards) and large external storage would be great. My USB DAC works through a powered USB hub along with a flash drive, but there is no way to access the files other than one-at-a-time through ES File Explorer.

It looks like they changed how portable storage is accessed in Android 6.0 and developers have to go through the Storage Access Framework (SAF) for portable storage.

If the developers went ahead with support for SAF it might mean they would also support cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Not sure how the GUI would work.

This project on GitHub is also related, but the apk does not do much yet:

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