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Keyboard Shortcuts on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

I recently bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.  The keyboard shortcut functionality in Audio Evolution Mobile was one one of my main reasons for getting the keyboard. It's rather awkward, I have found, trying to record whilst using on-screen buttons.

Sadly, I have noticed that some of the shortcut buttons don't seem to work as they should.

I cannot use Shift+Spacebar for Stop on this device, as that key combination brings up a language dialogue box - and has no functionality in Audio Evolution.

The U for undo shortcut seems quite sporadic.  Sometimes it works - usually it doesn't. As another post in this forum mentions - it certainly won't work when trying to undo a recording (despite the on screen undo button working perfectly under these circumstances).  I have found, however, that it seems also not to work quite often during normal usage - I cannot find a common cause - it is seemingly random.

On my device, the F keys do not seem to function in Audio Evolution as they are supposed to.  F1 scrolls through the screens (operating the on-screen Next button).  F2 to F4 do nothing at all.

The above are all the bugs I have found with the keyboard shortcuts.  In addition, I'd like to add a request for a metronome On/Off toggle as a keyboard shortcut.  Having to stop the playback, open the transport dialogue and tick the box is all a bit of a faff for such a common task.

Thanks for a great app - being able to record and multitrack on my tablet is fantastic, and Audio Evolution looks set to become a superb tool.  I hope at least some of the above issues can be addressed.
We'll order a Bluetooth keyboard to try and reproduce it.
I reproduced it with a keyboard connected by USB. It's an Android thing where pressing a qualifier (alt/shift/ctrl) together with the space bar changes the language. Therefore in next version, the stop key is set to 'S'. Undo and Redo should also behave like their respective buttons in next release.
Function keys work well here, so I'd suggest experimenting with keyboard layout selections in the Android settings.
Thanks for checking that out, I appreciate it.  Wink
Happy to report that, following the recent update, all the shortcuts are now working perfectly. 

Still can't get my F keys to do anything in Audio Evolution Mobile, but I accept that this may be an issue with my keyboard.

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