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export to other daw
What does "export to other DAW (rendered tracks)" do?  I cannot get it to work.  

I often work on AEM on the road and would like an easy way to import my projects into PreSonus S1 DAW at my studio.

I could b wrong, but I think it works with
Midi only.
No, it actually doesn't work with USB MIDI tracks, only with audio and instrument tracks.
Thanks dwrae.  But, can you explain how to utilize this feature?  
Where are the audio files supposed to go?  When I try to use the feature, it just sits there with a progress bar at 0%.
What exactly does it do?  I'd like to be able to use this feature.
It renders the audio tracks to one .wav file per track. If it hangs at 0% there is something wrong. Please send your project (.prj) file to info AT so we can have a look.
Hi guys,  I've been busy.  Sorry for the delayed reply.

Thanks for your assistance dwrae.  I've figured out a lot of things with AEM and I'm really liking it but, one thing still perplexes me.
It still has to do with the export to daw feature.  I'm able to get it to work.
However, when I have mono tracks in my song project; they are exported as stereo wave files.

The scenario... I create multiple mono tracks in AEM.  I record to those mono tracks and they record mono just fine.  
I then use the export to daw feature and the files are saved in a specified folder but, they are no longer mono.  They are stereo.  
I need them to be as I intended and recorded... mono!

Thanks so much for your assistance.
That's not possible at the moment. The problem is that when you apply panning or an insert effect, then the resulting track is not mono anymore so everything is always rendered as stereo tracks.
Thanks, dwrae. I've opened these stereo tracks and zoomed in close in my editor. They don't actually look like "normal" stereo tracks. The left and right channels look absolutely identical. I'm assuming that this is the case?
So, in theory, I should be able to re-save these pseudo stereo tracks down to mono. My concern is phasing, etc... Is this a viable solution?

Can this be considered a feature request? I'd like to see this functionality (export of mono tracks to mono) in a future iteration.

Thanks so much for your time.
If you don't use panning or effects, then left and right will be equal indeed. We will put mono rendering on our todo list, thanks for the suggestion!
Nice!  Thank you, sir.

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