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Novation Bass Station II not recognized
Audio Evolution doesn't recognize my fully class-compliant Novation Bass Station II synthesizer as either an audio or midi device. It sure would be great if it could. Any idea if compatibility could be added?
Please tell us which Android device you are using and if your USB OTG cable looks like the first picture here:
I'm using a Motorola Droid Maxx with Android 4.4.4. I know I'm using the correct OTG adapter because I have two other USB sound cards that work with the phone no problem using that adapter. And I have since realized that the USB port on the Bass Station is only a MIDI device, there is no audio, so I would only want to get the MIDI capability working.
Ok, could you please do the following:

* Start the app
* Go into the Preferences (More->Preferences or More->Options->Preferences depending on your device), scroll down to Logging and set it to 'Log to file'.
* Exit the app
* Restart your Android device with the Novation connected.

* Start the app
* Wait for 10 seconds
* Exit the app
* Please send the log file AELog.txt that is placed in your AudioEvolution directory to

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