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Release USB?
How does one unload the USB Player Pro driver when done playing the app?  

In other words,  you've played a song from local storage with  , and you then want to use the android system USB audio for, say, YouTube. 

UPP won't "let go", and i end up having to restart the tablet with the DAC turned off in order to reload the system driver.  

This on Lolipop, with a Sprint Slate tablet and an Oppo HA-2.  

I don't know if it's a bug or functionality that I don't understand.
It depends on the specific Android device and version whether Android picks up the event that is given to attach the kernel driver again. This event is only sent when you exit the app by using the back button from the main app's screen (so it asks if you are sure you want to exit), so make sure you exit the app in that way.
Oh wow I'm glad I found this. I thought it must be a problem with the USB Sound Card combos I've used with my Android devices.

I've got a miniDSP miniStreamer and a Fiio E7. Tried it on a 2010 Samsung Note 10.1 with 4.4.4, a Sony Z3Compact, and Nexus 7 2013 with Timur's Kernal (better USB devices support).

I was just about to purchase another USB Sound Card to see if that fixed the issue.

As per another thread with a different problem I've got, I use my tablet in my car as a head unit.

I am switching between apps quite frequently (UAPP, Spotify, Navigation, SoundCloud etc etc etc). I do not want to have to close UAPP with the double back button each time, I like to leave it open in the background and just go to home screen and click on another app.

I've had to resort to using UAPP with the native Android USB driver, which kind of defeats the purpose of having UAPP...

I hate to say it but if there's no work around for this, I'll have to find another app for FLAC playing.

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