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multitrack recording stopps after some minutes
I want to make a multitrack recording with my Samsung Note Pro 12.2 and the Behringer mixing console X32.
I armed 18 channels and started recording.
After some minutes the recording stopps and a message box appears that the usb interface is not awailable anymore.
After restarting the app the usb interface can be used again for recording.
The app is running in the background, because the display is off for power saving.
Are there any settings in AEM, which should be optimized for multitrack recording ?
How can I determine the reason for deactivating the usb ?

Thank you.
Please never turn off the screen. The app doesn't run as a service, which means it can be killed, cpu's can be turned off and clock frequency can be reduced. Let me know if that solves the problem.

Note that the more channels a interface has (regardless of the amount of tracks you are actually using), the more chances there are on glitches and other problems due to the nature of the driver and the Android devices.
FYI: When I leave the screen on and the app is in focus (not in background), then the recording does not stop.

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