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USB Device slow playback
Hi there everybody,

I got a samsung S5 and a galaxy note 8 both with audio evolition installed.  They both work fine with the internal microphone, but I'm having issues with certain combination with my USB devices: one UCA222 and one Amplifi from Line 6.  the S5 and the Note works fine with the UCA, but wit hthe Line 6 Amplifi, only the S5 works well.  

The note 8 playback is slowed down. I add an audio track, load a MP3 and playback without effects but the sound is like it has been slowed down.  If I close all and play it with the tablet speakers, it sounds good. If I use the UCA, it also sounds good, so, the problem is Line 6 Amplifi and Note 8. It does not matter if I have tracks armed or not, or if I have 1 or 5 audio tracks.    My S5 works great with the amplifi...

Could it be a bug, or is a processing power issue?
Are you using our (eXtream) USB driver or the internal Android one?
(01-14-2016, 11:52 AM)dwrae Wrote: Are you using our (eXtream) USB driver or the internal Android one?

I'm using eXtream driver.
Can you try enabling 'Force 1 packet per transfer' in the app's preferences? If that doesn't help, try enabling 'Always playback and record'.

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