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Static, DAC goes out after 7 seconds
Hello, hello.

I just received my FiiO E18. I unboxed it and got it connected to the Android device in my car. It connects, I am prompted to use USB Audio Player Pro, and when I start to play a file, all is well and then I get an error message and the music stops playing.

Quote:Error setting alt setting: 0

I have root and have tried the various tweaks in the settings to see if that helped but not much. Originally, the buffer was set to 100ms but it caused the sound to be very staticy. Reduced it to only 25ms and the static is gone but music can only be played for about 7 seconds.

I was wondering if it was the FiiO DAC device itself but it plays without issue when connected to my Macbook.

Where do I begin to narrow down the cause of the issue?
I read on XDA that this could be due to the cable I am using. Currently, I am using your typical 1m length cable. I've heard that, on the unit I have (HuiFei-type Android head unit), issues can come due to the cable.

I have the tiniest USB cable ever (I think it's .25m) and I will try that to see if I get better results.

Will post what I find. :)
The error means that the system prevented the UAPP driver to access a part of the FiiO. Which Android model do you have if I may ask?
Hey, guys.

Got it working. I bought a powered USB hub (7-ports) from the store. I plugged it in without attaching power and ... amazingly enough, it works! I am shocked that it just took connecting a hub without power to get it in business. :)
That's weird indeed, but glad you have found a work-around!

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