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Distorted sound
Hi all,

I have tried the testversion of the app on my Minix X8-h Plus connected to a Cambridge audio dacmagic 100 and the only time i can here audio t is when the dac is connected to the Minix in the OTG port of the Minix and it sounds terrible and heavily distorted

What have i done wrong?

It's probably a problem in the kernel which is unfortunately common with Android TV boxes. Could you please start the app, go to settings, select Logging and set it to "Log to file". Then exit the app and restart your Android device with the DAC connected.

Then please do the following:
* start the app
* try to play a 44100Hz file
* stop
* exit the app again.

Please email the file UAPP.txt that is placed inside the UAPP folder on your device to mentioning your problem again so we know it's from you.
How did you solve the problem? I had the same distortion and helped turn on all functions in setting-usb tweaks.

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