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Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
So does the Tab S2 have to have a powered hub in order to work? Seems to be the case anyway.
Maybe it's just my device, but my Sonic Port VX only works with external power. OTG Y cable plugged into an external power pack seems to work.....Awesome!  But once again defeats the purpose of being completely mobile and power independent except for the tablet.    Crap!
There is hardly any quality audio-interface that can operate depending solely on the power supplied by a phone/tab. If staying mobile is your priority, then you may try a power-bank+USB hub combination.
The Lexicon Alpha works with most Android devices since it consumes little power.
Well I guess the Tab S2 isn't going to be reliable either......was working great with external power, tracked some dummy tracks and all sounded great so I walked away for a few hours and came back to nothing. Can not get it to work no matter what I try, reboot with everything attached, reboot with nothing attached and I get nothing. Software recognizes everything but I get nothing out of the mics.......all was working great just 3 hrs ago.
So far the 2012 Nexus 7 has been the most reliable device with no needed external power, just some slight audio glitches which show up on the recorded tracks. So I thought surely newer would be better right.......but so far as a whole that has just not been the case.
So my external power pack has multiple outs, each with different amps and what was working at first (0.5A) was not working when I went back to it, never thought to change it last night (derp). Changed it today to 5v 1.0A and all seems to be good again!  We shall see!!

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