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Schiit Loki for DSD playback supported?
I just tried it, and the Loki doesn't indicate it's getting a valid DoP signal, so no sound comes out from it, although USB Audio Player Pro seems to send data to it at a 44.1KHz sample rate.

These files play back fine using J River on a PC when driving this same Schiit Loki DSD DAC.

USB Audio Player Pro works fine when sending PCM or FLAC files to a Meridian Explorer 2.
Could you please start the app, go to settings, select Logging and set it to "Log to file" and enable 'DSD over PCM' and 'Use USB DAC' (if not already). Then exit the app and restart your Android device with the Loki attached.

Then please do the following:
* start the app
* play a .dsf or .dff file
* stop
* exit the app again.

Please send the file UAPP.txt that is placed inside the UAPP folder on your device to and mention this forum post.
The file was sent via a Google Drive link two hours ago.
Thanks for the log file. It shows that the Loki falls back into some kind of USB1.1 mode, where it only exposes sample rates of 44100 and 48000Hz. Our Schiit Modi 2 has a switch for that, but I think they made some autodetect functionality which fails (in combination with the Nexus 9 you seem to have). You could perhaps try a USB2 hub in between to see if that makes a difference.
I have been running that Loki with a USB 2.0 hub when it's connected to the PC. I'll have to go get another hub to try what you suggested, since I don't have a power supply for this hub (I lost it). When this hub is connected to the PC, the hub can get power from the PC. But when it's connected to the OTG hub+cable, it can't get any power. Other DACs are able to get power from the same OTG hub+cable, including both the Loki and the Meridian.

I have another issue with accessing a USB memory stick also connected to that same OTG hub+cable that I'll start on another thread.

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