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CUE doesn't work with FLAC
the same cue file works as expected on Neutron, but UAPP shows just one track .. Huh 

any hints?

to be more precise, I found that:
if I browse the music by "Authors", or "Albums", UAPP shows me just one long song,
on the other hand if I go to "Local Folder", then I can see both .flac and .cue files:
by clicking to the .flac file, again UAPP shows me just one single song, while it shows
me the correct number of songs if I click on the .cue file.
I think this not how the companion .cue file should work: if present on the album folder,
it must be recognised by the player and the songs automatically splitted ..

.cue files are only recognized when using the Local Folder option
ok, good to know ...

in my opinion, it's really a pity that this wonderful audiophile music player has such a poor music browsing capability,
at least if compared with similar apps. A smarter music database handling would be a great improvement, leaving no space for other players.

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