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Nvidia Shield with iRig Duo Pro
Hey guys,

I struggle a lot with my setup: Nvidia Shield -> iRig Duo Pro (USB audio). When I hit a play button, my track instantly starts to play but I do not hear audio like for 2 seconds. After this short period of time audio finally starts to play - not with delay, but it skips the first 2 seconds of my track and starts from the 3. second (for example).

It seems like application controls 2 usb audio statuses - "sleep" and "ready". Waking up from sleep status to ready status always takes that 2 seconds.

Is there a way how to force usb audio not to go to "sleep mode"?  I do not experience this behaviour in Caustic for example, everything is perfectly fluent here.
Our driver follows the USB specification to set the 'USB alt setting' (excuse the tech talk) to 0 after each use to free up USB bandwidth for any other app/software that wants to access the USB bus. This is usually not a problem, but only IK Multimedia's hardware seems to suffer from this. Using one of their other devices, it actually does not work when we do NOT change to alt setting 0. So I guess it's time for a preference option! :)
Thank you very much for your help.

Do you know any android software which is able to control this 'USB alt setting' (with rooted device)? I want to use AEM for my live gig but this behaviour complicate it for me... Caustic is unable to play long samples (like 4 minutes) in pattern nor song mode. :(
No, another app cannot do it, we need to add it to AEM.
Ok I will wait... propably not in a next version hm? ;)
Could you please contact us at info AT We just purchased a iRig Pro Duo to reproduce the problem, but it instantly plays here, even on a 5 year old Android tablet.
Had a Shield myself and could not get it to work properly, not the same problem but an audio glitching problem while recording, really bummed me out because I loved the Shield, probably the best tablet for the price out there. But I just couldn't seem to get it worked out so I took it back and got a Galaxy S2 8".
Only problem with the S2 is that the usb is not powered so I have to use a y cable and a mobile power pack to power my interface (Line 6 Sonic VX).

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