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iRig Pro Duo
I have an iRig Pro Duo that I am trying to use with AE5 but can't seem to get any input to the software. AE lists the iRig as an available input on the audio track, it shows up as "Microphone (iRig Pro Duo,) but no sound from my guitar or a microphone plugged in to the interface ever shows up as a level on the meter for the track. I have tried every driver listed under the Audio Preferences. I do get an error message when I first start AE that says the DirectX Wrapper was not loaded. Maybe that has something to do with the ASIO driver not working?

Any suggestions?
Quick question: did you arm the track (the red 'A' button)?
I have armed the track. When I do, i can hear that the software is using the computers built in microphone. In the Input Selection screen, it does not list the iRig as an option. When I select some of the other drivers under the Audio Options it does list the iRig there, but I still get no sound from my guitar.
In the preferences under Audio, is something listed under ASIO?

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