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How to stop app automatically opening
I am using a nexus7 2013 in my car with Timur's Kernal which supports Fixed Installation mode.  When the car is off, it puts the tablet into hard sleep mode and when car is turned back on it comes back to life and reinitialises all the devices.

So every time I turn my car on, the tablet would start, my USB to Coaxial sound card would initialise and a dialogue box would open asking me if I wanted UAPP to use this device, and an option to remember my decision.

Usually I want to open other apps like navigation etc first, so this gets really annoying.

So I click on no, and next time I start the car it pops back p asking me again.

This time I click on no and to remember my decision.  Turn car off and on again, box pops up again.

This time I click yes, and UAPP opens up.  Turn off and on again.

This time I click yes and to remember my decision.  Now UAPP opens first thing whenever I turn car on and off again and I immediately have to close UAPP.

Yes, I am aware of how to reset these settings, but what I really want is for the 'no' option with 'remember my decision' option to be remembered.

I want to open UAPP when I choose to, not when a USB Sound card is connected (which is every time my car turns on).

I tested these options using a few USB Sound cards on a few devices (phones and tablets) and the same thing happens on all when I plug in a USB Sound card.
Nothing? Uninstalling until I get a workaround to this
There are two types of these dialogs. They are both from Android by the way, so we have no influence on these.
One has a checkbox to remember your choice. This one only remembers your choice until you disconnect the DAC (or turn your device off). Again, we have NO influence on this since this is not our dialog, it's from Android. This dialog can pop up when you enter the app.

The other one is where it asks which app you want to use with the connected USB device. Either you choose an app and select 'Always use this app with this device' so it will always start the app when you connect the DAC or you select 'Only once' and this requester will always pop up when you connect the DAC.

In either case, we have NO influence on this.
That's a real shame. I've had to uninstall and start using power amp and just accept I'll only be playing at 16/44 for now until I can figure out how to stop that.
This is the only app that does this.
All apps that use a USB audio device with their own driver do this.

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