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Tidal Glitching Through UAPP
When I try to use Tidal through UAPP on 4G it will at some random point during the song just start repeating the same 4 to 5 seconds over and over again.  It does it on every song played, it does it whether or not an external DAC is plugged in and it does it with buffer settings 50ms-600ms.  When it happens you can navigate the app but if you try to change songs or stop/play the current songs it will stop responding.  You have to close the app and wait for the OS to completely close it before you can use it again.  This is with 4-5 bars on 4G.  So far I haven't had any issues playing songs over WIFI.  This is on a M8 running the latest Marshmallow build Verizon has out.
Do you have some kind of connection or power optimization turned on?
Things I've verified or checked that have not helped:

- Keep screen on during playback
- Plug phone in
- Low Quality instead of High Quality mode
- Reinstall App
- Bit rate changes
- The USB "Tweaks" in the config
- Made sure no mobile data or power optimizations were on

When it glitches it will lose the album art of the song playing. But it will let me go back and browse playlists/albums and click on them and it will load the new album artwork. However, if I try to play a song that is when the app locks up. So it seems like it still has connectivity to Tidal.

I installed the Tidal app and verified that it plays perfectly fine on high quality setting which it does. Spotify does as well for reference. The reason I'm trying to use Tidal through UAPP instead of the app itself is because I'm suffering from the Android 6.0 external DAC bug. Where if you send audio through the micro usb to an external DAC it down mixes the audio to mono if you use the stock android audio system. I commute over an hour everyday and listening to streaming music in mono is crappy. I'd really prefer not to go back to Lollipop if I can help it.
We recently created a new HTTP client with error recovery for our UPnP media renderer that was released in 2.6.5 yesterday and will start using it for Tidal if no problems are reported with it. Please send us an email at info AT if you wish to test this new version.
I'm also experiencing Tidal glitching through UAPP, although for me it's audio glitching with clicks and pops -- I'm not getting the repeating track problem.  Using a Galaxy Note 4 with Marshmallow OS and Dragonfly 1.2 DAC.  I haven't yet found a tweak setting that solves it, but tweaks 1 and/or 2 might help a bit.

I think independently of UAPP, Tidal has streaming or decoding problems through the USB output on Android, in my case possibly with a contributing factor from my Dragonfly DAC.  Based on these diagnosis observations:
-Tidal in UAPP creates audio glitches on my Note 4.
-In Tidal's native app, I'm getting audio glitching (clicks and pops) on playback through the Note 4's USB, on both online and offline content.
-On my Note 4's analog headphone jack, I'm not getting any audio glitching through Tidal's own app.
-On YouTube on my Note 4, I'm not getting any audio glitching through USB.
-I'm not getting audio glitches when listening on my Windows 10 portable with Tidal's native app, through USB with Dragonfly DAC.

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