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Tasker for stock / Tone Booster Eq profiles
I didn't think UAPP could get better, but the parametric eq is awesome. I can finally drive the bass drivers in my JH Audio IEMs while on my motorcycle. Beautiful. 

Request: Profiles for EQ settings that can be triggered by a UAPP widget or Tasker integration. 

Not every album or music type is mixed the same and applying different EQ profiles would be awesome.

Use case:  On a motorcycle and first album is deep 80s followed by an early Rolling Stones album. Very different recordings with different boost needs. The standard EQ isn't easy with gloves, the Parametric is impossible to safely change.
Next release will have presets and the ability to long-press an item to enter values manually. This doesn't solve everything, but when we will create our own database functionality, you will be able to assign EQ presets to songs or albums.
Awesome! UAPP just keeps getting better. The sound fidelity is unreal.

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