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Force startup at boot with upnp renderer turned on
I am trying to setup an odroid box as a network attached player. Instead of taking the path of linux and mpd like runeaudio and volumio I would like to do it with android and your wonderful player. And driving it remotely with BubbleUPNP from my phone. 
But to achieve this I would like everything to start automatically everytime I boot my small box. 

I can work around the startup of usb audio player pro with Tasker but I have no clue how to do for the upnp renderer.

In case it's not possible today, would it be possible to consider it as an option for a future release? 
In the same idea would be great too to make the label of the renderer customizable. 

Edit: in fact odroid C2 doesn't seem to work that well. I tested the Dac with my nexus 6p and an otg Usb-c and no issue so I am sure it's not the Dac. 
Anyone has found a way to make odroid C2 work? Arm8 64 bits amlogic s905, usb host definitely working. 

Thanks in advance
Next version will have this option, thanks for your suggestion.

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