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Navigation Question
Hi all
I am trying to use UAPP to stream from a DLNA Server on my Synology NAS (MinimServer). I managed to select the DLNA Server in UAPP and to play an album/ song. However now I am stuck at the playlist of the selected album and I have found no way to get back to the top of the tree of albums on the DLNA Server. I have cleared the queue, but that simply leaves me at a blank screen. I must be missing something obvious.
Found the issue SOLVED.
When I am on the "now playing screen", I need to press the orange button to get to the tracklist screen. Then the back arrow takes me one directory level up.
Hello jacobacci
Thisq was true before.., and it was very convenient.
Now, with ver 3.1.3, you can go to "n" directory levels up, go back to the "now playing" screen, but then you have no way to go to the directory just superior : the back arrow takes you to the directoiry number "n".
You don't even have the possibility to identify the folder containing the played file.
And the is a pity...
Hi jlcharrier
I just upgraded to 3.1.3 and the navigation behaviour seems unchanged from 3.1.2
The orange button takes me to the playlist and back arrow (of the phone, not of the app) takes me one directory up.
Orange button then takes me back to the now playing screen.
If I press the orange button again it takes me to the directory where I pressed the orange button to get back to now playing, so this may well be a few levels up.
Hello jacobacci
Yes, I have exactly the same behavior.
And that's what I do regret...
Before (with ver 2.5.2 for example), the orange button did AWAYS take you back to the playing list, whatever you had done before. It was very convenient.
Thus, now may question is :
Is there a way to go to the playing list unconditionally (I mean : whatever your navigation before) ??.
The orange button is ON the now playing list view. It will bring you to the media selection screens (last used will be displayed).
(08-28-2016, 02:43 PM)dwrae Wrote: The orange button is ON the now playing list view. It will bring you to the media selection screens (last used will be displayed).

Sorry, I was not precise ...
But you summarize it exactly, that's how it works.
The thing that annoys me is precisemy that : "last used will be displayed"
Compare with former versions of UAPP or present versions of Neutron, for which it's always possible to go to the current folder in one click...
What do you mean by current folder in this context?

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