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Playing DSF to Chord Mojo
I would like to stream DSD64, 128 and 256 files from my Synology NAS via a Samsung S4 to a Chord Mojo, which is capable of playing these file types. My setup is as follows:

Synology DS1815+
MinimServer 0.8.4 with MinimStreamer - no transcoding enabled

Samsung S4
UAPP latest version, DSD over PDM checked

OTG cable

Chord Mojo

Playing PCM files all the way to 24bit/384kHz works fine.
DSD64 files play back in good quality, but are reported by the Mojo as 176.4kHz
DSD128 files play back in good quality, but are reported by the Mojo as 352.8kHz
DSD256 files play back in good quality, but are reported by the Mojo as 705.6kHz

As the Chord Mojo only reports samplerates with a color of the LED and I was not too sure about the bitrate it reported (it definitely did not report native DSD), I connected the S4 to a Weiss DAC 202+ (which is capable of DoP on its USB input) and it reports the signal samplerate in clear text. It also reported 176.4 etc. kHz for the DSF files, not DSD

I have tried all possible combinations. Transcoding to DoP on Minimserver on the NAS, turning DoP on and off on UAPP, but I always get PCM on the DAC. Where could I be going off course?

Thanks a lot for any help.

UPDATE: I have now copied three DSD files (DSD128 and 256) to the microSD card in the S4 and they play flawlessly. Both UAPP and the Mojo report the files as DSD.
Could it be that streaming DSD works from a local microSD card, but not from a DLNA server?
There are two issues here: minimstreamer is set up to transcode by default, but if it is set up not to transcode, it will remove the DSD header from the file when serving it over http. If it didn't do that, it should have worked I think.
thanks, dwrae
I will try posting this over at the minimserver forum
(08-27-2016, 12:39 PM)jacobacci Wrote: thanks, dwrae
I will try posting this over at the minimserver forum

In the meantime I have posted over at the MinimServer forum and Simon, the developer of MinimServer has confirmed that MinimServer does not strip off the DSD headers when transcoding is turned off in MinimServer.

I have now run the following test:

NAS with MinimServer (transcoding off)
jRiver on PC to stream the files from Minim Server
Mojo connected to PC via USB

352.8kHz have a blue light on the Mojo, DSD64 files have a white light on the Mojo. This white is very different from the different shades of blue for PCM files

Second test:

NAS with MinimServer (transcoding off)
Samsung Galaxy S4 with UAPP (DoP turned on)
Mojo connected to S4 via OTG

Playing PCM 352.8 and DSD64 files result in the same blue light on the Mojo

It seems to me that in the first test, MinimServer is correctly sending DSD Files. Where they get converted to PCM in the second test I don't know.
Please try this one:
(08-28-2016, 05:10 PM)dwrae Wrote: Please try this one:

It works, thanks a lot!

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