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Allow use of Ethernet port
Hi have installed your wonderful player on an android streaming box and it works as well as a dedicated music player costing £400.00! But if I try to use the ethernet connection your app will not start? It demands that I have to enable WiFi before it will run. Can you disable this check as a cheap android box with your app = hi end player quality and can save a lot of people paying out for overpriced hifi music players.
Many thanks Pete.
Does it not start at all, or does it fail to do the license check?
Hi Dwrae
When the ethernet is plugged in and WiFi is disabled on starting up Audio player pro I don't see the player on my Lan via BubbleUPNP, if I try to use "start upnp renderer" in the menu I get this message:- you need to have WiFi enabled to use the upnp renderer.
Regards Pete.
Yes, the app checks if WiFi or the WiFi hotspot is enabled. Ethernet is just not a standard thing in Android and I'm not if there is a check for wired Ethernet being active.
It's not a standard thing on mobile phones, it IS standard in Android though. I think you are missing a trick here as I said above with your app on an Android streaming box or tablet you can have high end hifi replay for not very much outlay. P.S. WiFi is just about the worst way to stream music to any device, lots of interference.
Regards Pete.
UAPP works with Tidal and UPnp/DLNA on Ethernet and WIFI disabled. But it goes to "you need to have wifi.." when starting upnp renderer. There is an app in Xposed to trick Android into believing you are on wifi.

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