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Song Ratings
I will try to keep this as simple as possible explaining why I would find such a feature useful.
I owned several iPod classics over the past 5 or 10 years, and I used iTunes to add a lot of information an other things to my music collection which sums up to over 45'000 songs by now. Now that the iPod Classic has been discontinued and I'm looking for a DAC + Android Smartphone Combination, I am looking for ways to keep the most basic features and informationsĀ of my iTunes library on my Smartphone when using the external DAC. After trying out a lot of Android Music Players the only one I have been satisfied with so far is Rocket Player, since they allow me to transfer all my songs including some iTunes specific ID3 tags like the Ratings directly from iTunes, which of course makes my life a lot easier.

If UAPP would give me at least the ability to rate songs, preferably with the same ID3 tag as iTunes uses (which is the ID3v2.3 tag POPM which is for instance also used by MediaMonkey and some other Audio library managing Softwares, for reference search for "RATING MM" under the following linkĀ, that would probably make me change my Android Media Player from Rocket Player to UAPP. I am also suggesting this because I'm not sure if my soon to arrive Galaxy Note 7 will work with any other Android Music Player than UAPP when paired with my also soon to arrive Dragonfly Red.

greetings berzerk428

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