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Recording from two interfaces simultaneously

In the description of USB AUDIO RECORDER PRO on the site is stated that recording is not restricted to stereo format and the image even illustrates 18-channel recording. At the same time there is an Input/Output settings tab in the application, where is only one line for input device. Do I understand correctly that even if I connect two interfaces via USB OTG hub like this one

[Image: qpjF8Sdl.png]
I won't be able to use them both concurrently and will have to chose one interface or another? Or it will be possible to record signals taken from both interfaces at the same time? Mixer channels names « Unit 8 » and « Unit 9 » on the screenshot as though say it's the case. What to believe to?

Now I record sound from two Focusrite interfaces on two Android devices, while waiting for delivering the hub like on the picture above. Recording on the same device from both interfaces is the dream.
Unfortunately that is not possible. If it will ever be possible with our software, it's going to be in Audio Evolution Mobile. There are lots of possible issues with using multiple USB devices: they run on different clocks, one can have sample rates that the other does not support, etc. Let alone the performance issues which is already on the edge with these kind of user space drivers.

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