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Sample rate and conversion chioce

What is exact difference between "Variable rate" and "Device native sample rate"? Could the device have several native sample rates (for example 44K and 48K - both native)? If so, it would be nice to have a possibility for user to select a conversion scheme. For example, I would prefer to downsample DSD to 44K, while 192K to 48K... The same goes for USB-DACs with limited rate choices, like Tenor TE7022L based for example.
There is no way to know if the Android device really supports different sample rates or just one fixed rate (which is the case in 99.9% of the Android devices). Variable rate sends the audio to the Android audio system without UAPP doing sample rate conversion. This usually leads to worse quality, since SRC in Android is not so good and leads to a much lower volume than the one in UAPP.

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