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Blue Snowball
Hi there!

My first post and basically my first step into the world of tablet-based recording.

So, my tablet is Samsung Galaxy S2 New Edition. I've purchased AEM and USB recorder Pro. I'll receive my Blue Snowball-mic maybe next monday. I've been using DAWs since 2005 and I've made a few albums etc, so the basics are quite "there" :D But I'd like to know about the setup, optimizations etc about this genre. Monitoring, low latency recording etc. I bought these things to make a proper "notepad" for my musical ideas on the road, quickies for home recording etc. So, any insights and opinions, experiences etc about these issues are more than welcome!

Let's rock! :D

Does Galaxy S2 has USB host mode? Without that any external USB device cannot be used with the phone.

And I have used it with USB OTG-cable and the tab saw my usb stick, also my usb midi keyboard and it was working just fine.
Got my mic today! It seems to be there's no way to monitor your input signal, but I think I can live with that. Actually I did some testing with my own vocals to a rehearsal track (demo song without vocals, rendered to a mp3 from Reaper session) and almost immediately fell in love with the workflow!

So there are three settings: 1) cardioid 2) cardioid -10db 3) omni. The first one is great for acoustic guitar, gain setting is just about right. So, that's good. Second one is good for vocals, at least for my own voice, regarding gain. Yeah! I haven't tried the third setting, yet, but if that's as good as the others (but different tonal character, obviously) I'm good and a happy camper!

But, there are some issues with latency. Obviously it's the case of A) usb driver as an input and B) internal driver as an output. I was fiddling with the settings and I think I got the hang of it, recorded tracks seem to be in time related to each other etc. I'll post my settings tomorrow when I'm doing more stuff with my setup.

So far so good, really happy with the start!
Yes, for low latency and hardware or software monitoring, we advise a USB mic or USB audio interface with both input(s) and output(s). For example, the Blue Yeti has a headphones output and you would be able to hear yourself through that. It's a bit more expensive though. Good alternatives would be the Shure MV series.
Ok, thanks. But it seems to be I can live without monitoring at the moment. How can I make sure what my latency is, regarding 1st recorded track and following tracks? I'm not talking about monitoring latency, but latency after recording and delay compensation among tracks (without plugins). I just wanna be sure the tracks are nudged to proper locations after recording, after that I surely can live with my setup.
Just a quick heads up: Snowball-mic works also with my iPad2, using camera connection kit. I have Auria as a ios-DAW. At the moment I have software monitoring working quire nicely in Auria, using 128 sample buffer. I'm more than happy that I bought Snowball, it's quite sensitive (yeah, my bedroom sounds roomy in a bad way) but sounds good, considering the price (69euro) and it works with Android, iPad, Windows, Mac and also Ubuntu. My iPad2 is once again in use, it'll be my nro2 mobile DAW/sketchpad cause I prefer AEM as a DAW. But, being able to use the mic for songwriting everywhere is a huge thing. Yeah!
Just a quick heads up part2, slighly OT but somehow relevant: I have also a used Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, previously there was no way to connect it to either iPad2 or Samsung Galaxy S2 tab. But, yesterday I bought this: - Primo Powerbank 13000 - black
and this
USB-keskitin, 4 liitäntää - USB-keskitin Keskitin Tietokonetarvikkeet - Biltema
and a USB A male to male cable.

Now, for iPad2 I connect 2i2 and portable charger (via USB A male to male cable) to USB hub, both with their own cables. The port used in portable charger outputs 5V 2.1A. Then USB hub to CCK and to iPad2. Fire up Auria and BAM, 2i2 works like a dream!!!

For Samsung the setup is the same, replacing the CCK with USB OTG-cable. And it works! Good times!!!
I wrote and demoed a song tonight using iPad2+Auria. All was ok, rock solid and kinda smooth.. But.. iPad2 is slow, by today's standards and workflow it's just too sluggish. But it's a good setup for capturing basic ideas etc. Loving the AEM!
If you want to beta test the iPad version of audio evolution mobile, please send an email to us.

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