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openhome renderer
i have posted this in the HELP thread (sorry for double posting) but since i did not get an answer i guess this could become a new feature!

it would be nice if UAPP could act as an openhome upnp renderer 

If it helps here's my current setup:
i have uapp connected to my stereo system via a nexus 7.  That device is hidden and not easily accessible therefore i activated the "renderer" feature to be able to control my music via a control point (im using Bubble Upnp on my phone).
It works great but my phone needs to be always available (ie. on the network, not idle, etc etc) to be able to manage the playlist.
if UAPP would act as an openhome renderer, it would manage the playlist and would not rely on the control point.

(btw i have no idea how complex or complicated it is to implement such feature, this is just a suggestion)

Thanks for the awesome app
I agree to etienne, it would be nice to have such option like openhome render , it allows to control player from linn kazoo and lumin control applications which has a very good interface. But open render via bubble upnp server has a limitation with 16/44 for tidal which is very strict. So it would be great to make an built in open home upnp render in USB player pro but without this limitation for tidal.

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