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Problem with metadata tags in .dsf file >2GB

I have seen a problem with a dsd256 album where the meta data of one track is corrupted (unknown artist).
There are in total 8 tracks, the track No.5 not shown correct (missing in Album display mode as well) is larger than 2 GB (~2,3 GB).
If have double checked with MP3tag the tags are set correct. If I transfer a DSD128 or 64 version of same album all is ok.
The same file is displayed on iPhone7 (KaiserTone) with correct tags. The file can be played but as said meta data is somehow corrupted.
Other dsd256 albums with file size <2GB are all ok.
A double check with Onkyo HF player -> has shown the same problem.
Is this a problem of UAPP or Android? In the past tag problems occured in Android quite often by using the built in mediascanner, but e.g. PowerAmp solved these probs
with their own scanning program. The album comes from this source:

Affected Equipment is a Galaxy S7 with  Marshmallow 6.0.1 normal stock (no root). It made no difference whether the file was placed in internal storage or external SD.
Empty DB and rescan did not improve.
Any idea how to fix?

BR Maja

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