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Problems with sampling changes
Hello Dwrae,

I had posted this tread on "Feature request / suggestions". I became aware more late of my mistake but I left it there.
Perhaps you will answer me if I move it here... Otherwise tell me if it isn't understandable.

I have a problem with sampling probably no common and not simple to describe, but I'll try to be brief.

My USB sound card is a Terratec Aureon XFire8.0HD, its features are sampling rate from 16bit-44 .1 KHz to 24bit-192 KHz. It is plugged to a smartphone (Samsung S3 Gt-I9305 Android 4.4.4) with yours wonderful USB Audio Player PRO. The problem exists either with or without wifi remote control by tablet (Asus ME102A-1A033A MeMO Pad 10 Android 4.2.2) with BubbleUPnP. And it doesn't depend from my network because happens also directly with files stored in S3.

A) If I begin to play files (flac-ape) at 44.1 KHz 16 or 24 bit it is all ok. But later when I play a file from 48 up to 192 KHz the sound is rhythmically fragmented. Then if I go back to play a file at 44.1 KHz 16 or 24 bit it is possible that it plays well or instead I must to restart both smartphone and sound card.
B) On the contrary, if I begin to play files with sampling more than 44.1 KHz it is all ok. But then if I play files at 44.1 KHz happens the same trouble.

I have observed that:
1) in case B) the rhytm of sound fragmentation is more fast, and at contrary in A),
2) if I play files at 44.1 KHz the notification below the progress bar is always fair, independently from correct sound reproduction or not,
3) if I play files with sampling higher 44.1 Khz the notification says always 48000 Hz, but the system is be able to perform correctly file at 88.1/96/192 KHz... and I don't think that it does a subsampling,
4) if in Setting I set ".. make use of always the maximum sampling frequency of DAC.." the notification problem in cases 2) and 3) doesn't change, but the trouble of cases A) and B) is solved (with resampling).

However 4) is not a smart solution, instead I'd prefer convert high resolution files to CD resolution with saving storage space.

- per cases A) and B), I believe that maybe USB Audio PRO has to force a "reset command" when happens a sampling change,
- cases 2) and 3), what you say?, it's a independent fact?

Thank you.
It is a USB audio device specific problem, since this doesn't happen on any other DAC. Could you please start the app, go to settings, select Logging and set it to "Log to file". Then exit the app and restart your Android device with the Terratec attached.

Then please do the following:
* start the app
* play a 44100Hz file, then a 48 or 192kHz file
* as soon as the problem occurs, stop
* exit the app again.

Please send the file UAPP.txt that is placed inside the UAPP folder on your device to info AT

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