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Workaround to trim a drum track
Hi, I understand that the drum tracks does an automatic sizing.

I always end up with the drum tracks being too long, causing my mixed down mp3 to be too long unless I use the range, which can get tedious.

Is there any way to workaround to trim the drum track to say the longest track in the project?
You can just go into Edit mode and trim the clip
I have got this issue too.

When I go into edit mode to trim the drum clip, there are no "trim handles" available on it. Trimming is not possible.

This works fine for an audio clip but seems to be unavailable for a midi clip.

Do we have to convert the midi clip to audio before we can trim it?
No, just make sure you are running the latest version (4.3.6).
Thanks dwrae. Looks like I'm still on 4.2.6.

In my opinion this is the best multi-track mobile app on either i-os or android.
Please update through the Play Store, you are missing out on a lot of things! :)

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