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USB Player and Spotify
I have been using an Oppo HA-2 headphone amplifier with Spotify for 2 months now and everything has been working fine without any faults until I updated my HTC 10 phones software to Android Version 7 software number 2.41.401.3 and ever since I am unable to hear any sound when I try to use Spotify.
I removed Spotify and USB Player Pro and reinstalled them but no difference.
The USB seems to be working fine when I play a song with USB Player Pro.  If I leave a song playing in USB Player Pro and then click play on a song in Spotify, the song being played in USB Player Pro stops and Spotify takes over but there is no audio.
Can you let me know if there is some setting I need to use that might have changed since the software update?
I don’t understand why it was working fine for 2 months and then just stops.  Very frustrating.
USB Audio Player PRO cannot function as generic driver, so any sound you got from Spotify is unrelated to UAPP. However, if you use UAPP, only one driver can be active at a time, so you need to exit UAPP by using the back button from its main screen. Now that usually is still not sufficient to reattach the kernel driver and you would need to disconnect and reconnect your DAC. Make sure that UAPP does not auto-start when connecting the DAC by clearing the defaults in Android settings, apps, UAPP.
Great, UAPP was on auto start but when i exit UAPP Spotify works fine with my DAC.

Did something change in the latest update as i never had to do that before.

I also have a Nexus 5 with a Dragonfly (Black), and I can use it with Spotify, but have to freeze UAPP first, otherwise when I plug in the Dragonfly it keeps wanting to open up UAPP. It's a minor hassle, but worth it for me sometimes.

1. Freeze UAPP in Titanium Backup, or some other way
2. Open Spotify and start playing through the phone's speaker
3. Plug in Dragonfly with headphones connected

In Settings/Developer options/Networking, make sure MTP is chosen under Select USB Configuration

This setup doesn't give bitperfect through the Dragonfly, but it will serve as dac/amp and sound better than through the headphone out port of the phone, especially with certain gear.

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