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Weird problem with specific dac.
Hi, brilliant program, and this problem is probably the fault of the DAC more than the App, but still, if anybody has a fix I'd be grateful.

My phone is a Galaxy S7 and the DAC is a Hifidiyme USB Sabre 9018. The problem is, when playing, there is a constant stutter ever second or two, but when I place the phone in Aeroplane mode the problem goes away after a while so it's something to do with radio.

I've tried two other dacs with the S7 with no problem, and I've tried the problem DAC with a Nexus 6 and it works.

I've tried all the different tweaks in the App config including buffer sizes, and also my phone is rooted.

Thanks for any insight.

Also, I don't have a problem with switching aeroplane mode on, just be interested in a fix if there is one. I've found a post on the Hifimediy website forum from a guy with the exact same dac, phone and problem, but it wasn't answered and it isn't a forum that is populated regularly.
OK, please try enabling the root tweak and switching off 'Use volume rocker buttons'.
Hi, thanks for the reply. Still the occasional hitch, but it seems a lot less frequent.

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