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Android Tidal Track order
Hi there,
I'm new to the thread.

FYI  I'm using Samasung s7 which while working natively with USB audio (plug and Play OTG) with Dragonfly Red, did not output the required volume level.

Audioquest recommends UAPP to overcome this problem.

First let me say that UAPP works fantastically and sounds fab with Dragonfly Red.

The problem I'm submitting concerns track ordering on certain albums from Tidal within the UAPP.

It seems that when more than one volume of tracks (multiple cds for instance) make up the piece such as an opera, tracks are listed in order on each volume together.
instead of
Track 1
Track 2  

UAPP presents

Vol1 Track 1
Vol2 Track 1
Vol3 Track 1

Vol1 Track2
Vol2 Track2
Vol3 Track2

This makes it impossible (well OK then very very difficult) to listen to the piece in the correct order.


Verdi Giovanna D'Arco
Anna Netrebko
Fortunately on Tidal App on PC it is fine.

Can you fix it?

Hope this makes sense and I look forward to enjoying UAPP in the future.
All the best
Thanks for the report. Is fixed for the next version.

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