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Limitations of the Demo/Free versions
I'm thinking of running a workshop on recording with AEM and would like to check the limitations of the demo/free versions on android and ios.

Can you confirm if they can do the following :-

1) Record up to 3 tracks.
2) Apply an effect.
3) Use normal copy, cut and paste functions.
4) Fade a track in and out.
5) Mix down to a wav or mp3.
6) Email the result.
7) Save the result.

I'm pretty sure the answer to 6 and 7 will be no, but that's OK.

They differ between Android and iOS. The iOS version is a true free version with restrictions, but perfectly usable. The Android version is a demo version.

1) Android: no limit, iOS: yes
2) Android: no limit, iOS: 1 effect per track
3) yes
4) yes
5) Android: no mix-down, iOS: mix-down to wav and alac (mp3 is not supported)
6) Android: there is no result, iOS: wav is too large to email. You can go to the File Browser, press Home, up, Mixdowns and swipe the mixed down file left to get sharing options
7) Android: no, iOS: yes
Great answer dwrae. Thanks. I think there will be enough there for me to do the workshop at zero cost to the participants whilst giving them a good taste of what AEM can do. Hopefully a few of them will go on to buy the full versions.
Many thanks!

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