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Midi thru 2 Keyboards
Hi all,

Would like to share with you guys a particular way i'm using the audio evolution mobile.

[Image: wXSOUW.jpg]

My setup is a Roland XPS10 with only USB midi and a USB only midi controller AMW mini 32P

I use the Audio Evolution App to do a Bridge between the 2 keyboards, when i play on the controller he send midi messages to the synth and works like a module.

This works like a charm, i can play a piano on the Roland and Stirngs on the controller for example.

Just want to share with you guys this use of the app, hope someone like this.
Thank you for sharing. It will help someone if he is planning to do the same but is not sure if it would work.
Audio Evolution is audio production revolution!
I am new to the forum but I've used this app for about a year. I was looking for a way to do some low key live gigging on a midi controller. This was the best app I could find on android to do what I have been trying to do. I will post some video of me layering sounds with this app. I was able to layer 6-7 sounds so far using my Axon 7 and Galaxy Note 9 phones. Nice setup!

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