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Replay gain / licensing issues
Two separate issues that might not even be bugs...

Issue number one. I'm using an USB DACAmp that has its own software volume control, exposed to UAPP as a hardware volume control, and a real pure analog hardware volume control (Oppo HA-2 SE). Both work; when set to bitperfect mode, UAPP hardware volume control can control playback volume just fine.

UAPP can also read replay gain tags and apply them... as long as bitperfect is turned off. As soon as I turn bitperfect on, replaygain tags are ignored.

It would be nice to have them passed to DACAmp using its hardware volume control; I understand positive numbers cannot be passed that way, but that is fine since 95% of the replay gain tags are negative anyway. If using only software volume control by UAPP for replay gain was done on purpose, it would be nice to have an option to use hardware volume control instead.

Issue number two. Occasionally UAPP fails its license check and shows a message like "license check failed, USB playback not possible" or something like that. This is not a major issue by itself, as just pressing "play" once again starts the playback OK; the problem is that I have to clear the error message first by tapping on it, and that can only be done from UAPP itself. No OS level playback controls work - playback buttons in the middle of the screen, playback buttons on the second screen (LG V20), smart watch playback controls...

To fix that, it would be nice to have this error message somewhere where it will not interfere with OS level playback controls; pressing "play" on the smartwatch twice to start the playback is not a problem, having to get the phone and DAC from under the winter coat is.
Interesting idea on the hardware volume + replay gain topic, but I'm not sure if we will implement that any time soon.

Regarding the license check failure: how long ago did you purchase the app?

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