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New User - How do I access created playlists?
I bought the player pro to allow me to use my dragonfly red with my Android Tablet 8 with Tidal.  I have selected many songs and put them three playlists I created (Jazz, Easy Listening & Classical) with the "add to playlist" option.  But I don't see an option to open a playlist.  I am new to Tidal as well and haven't created any playlists there, only in the player pro.
They should be in the Favorites section (button at the bottom right)
When I select favorites I see "My Tracks" with individual songs I have selected. I see under "My Albums" the one album I have selected. Under "My Playlists" I see nothing, even when I select "View All". I don't see the Playlists I created , "Jazz", "Easy Listening" & "Classical".

The following is the procedure I used to create a Playlist. I used Tidal "Search" to find the song I wanted to add to a playlist. I hit the 3 vertical dots to the right of the song. The "Options" screen would come up and I would select "Add to a Playlist". When I first started I then selected "New" and typed in the Playlist name I wanted, ie. "Jazz", Or "Easy Listening" or "Classical" once these were created I would then select the appropriate playlist to park the song when selected.

I thought I was doing this correctly, but I can't find the Playlists under Favorites.
Aha, you have UAPP playlists and Tidal favorites. The playlists you created can be found in the Database section under playlists.
Thanks, I found it. It is a little confusing to know where the playlists are being created to a new user.

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