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File Manager preference
Hi all

Having used Audio Evolution mobile for a while I'd really like to see the preference setting for the external file manager opened up to user choice.  Currently the only hard coded choice is ES. ES used to be a good choice, but it has since become less desirable, due to some commercial decisions by the ES developers. I, and many others it seems, have moved away from ES. I personally use Solid Explorer now and would like to be able to do so in Audio Evolution.  Can file manager be made a choice, rather than hard coded ?

I hope this suggestion is considered for development . Thanks
ES is going to be removed indeed. It was added at the time (years ago) when AEM did not have a good file browser of its own. I'd prefer that you tell us what you are missing in our own file browser, then trying to add support for the tens or hundreds of file managers out there.
It might be petty, but the built-in file manager just looks terrible! On larger screens like Google's Pixelbook, the buttons for 'home' and 'up' are VERY small and if it weren't for a stylus, would be hard to hit with a finger. Maybe a more adaptive font size, lighter color scheme, Material Design choices.

+1 for Solid or even Android's less-than-perfect default.

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