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No way to get back to main screen
I'd like to report a bug.

If you're currently playing a song, press the orange playlist button, select folder and navigate to another folder, but you don't want to select any new track to be played, there is no way that I know of to return to the main playback screen without selecting another song. I try to press "back" on Android and that just navigates to the parent folder, etc.  There is no time-out to return to the main playback screen, without choosing another music file. Can you please add a time-out to return to the main playback screen if a new track is not chosen after a while?

You can just swipe from left to right. Look at it this way: there are two screens right next to each other: the left is the current queue screen and the right is the song selection screen and you can swipe between them. As a convenience, back in the song selection screen at some points goes back to the current queue screen. That's also the case in the Folders screen unless you changed the settings to use Back for folder up (instead of the up arrow).

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