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Mixer not powering up.
My main uses for AE in the past have been to record audio from non-digital sources and live streams of concerts.  For this, I have a Lexicon Alpha USB mixer connected to my aging Nexus 10.  I continue to use the N10 because the USB port powers the mixer.  

I have an OTG Y cable purchased from a reputable source and simply cannot get it to power the mixer when used with a newer tablet (Nexus 9).  I have tried a powered hub as well as a wall-wart style charger for power.  When I first plug it in, I get a light on the mixer for two seconds, then it's dead.

When I recently connected everything up, the recording I got from the N10 was severely distorted.  The N10 is also exhibiting the battery issue where it displays 50-60%, but then shuts down, so it won't be around for much longer.

Any ideas to get the mixer powered up?

What is the configuration of the OTG splitter? Male on one end and male/female on the other?
Yes, female type A on one end and male and female ends on the other side. Looks identical to the one in the USB Audio Recorder notes.

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