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Changing to another tablet
I'm thinking of changing to another tablet.

If I do this, will I have to re-purchase AEM and all the add-ons I have for it now, or can these purchases follow me on to the new tablet without re-purchasing? Both the old a new tablets are Android.


You just have to use the same Google account, which you used to buy AEM and the add-ons, in the new tablet as well.
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Great! Thanks for that reply.
Does this only apply to the add-ons?

It looks like I've had to buy the full version of AEM on my new tablet ($10) despite being logged in with the same google account I've always had.

I can't find anywhere in the app where its says something like "restore previous purchases"
If you use the same account as you used to purchase the app with, you can install it again without purchasing on your new device by downloading it from the Play Store (do not restore from a backup from another device, this won't work!).

If you managed to install it from the Play Store and it gives you a license verification error or the Play Store asks you to purchase again, please go to Android Settings -> Accounts, select your Google account and in the menu choose to 'Sync now'. Then start the app again. Please let us know if the problem is resolved.
I'll give that a try. Thanks for the help.
This seems to have partially worked. There is no longer a shopping cart icon next to the USB MIDI device symbol. However there is still a shopping cart icon next to the USB Audio interface symbol. Interestingly, I was able to connect my Lexicon Alpha USB audio interface and was able to record with it. I'm not sure if this actually means I'm using the audio evolution driver though? It may be some kind of default driver? I have already purchased the AEM driver for my old tablet and know it works really well.

Any thoughts?
This is definitely not working. The recording I was able to make turned out to be the free 45 seconds for you to try out the AEM driver.

Can you think of anything else I can try?
Please contact support at

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