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Add Artist to Queue gets wrong results for compilation albums
Many of my tracks are from compilation albums. If in Database, I select Artists, and select Add To Queue, then what is added to the queue is all songs from all artists which are on the compilation albums that my selected artist was on. For example, if I have 1 Donovan Frankenreiter song on Mix Album 008, with 3 other songs by different artists, and I go to the Database and specify Add To Queue for artist Donovan Frankenrieter, I should just get the 1 Frankenreiter song in my queue. But I end up getting 4 songs in my queue (all 4 songs from Mix Album 008, including Frankenreiter plus the other 3 artists).
It seems like this is broken behavior.
I'm using v3.8.5 on Samsung Tab S2

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