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Tracks don't appear in the database when sorted by genre
Hello !
I'm using UAPP ver 3.8.5 on a Samsung Galaxy note 8 with Android ver 8.0.0.
I have recently scanned a folder in the UAPP database. It's is located on an external sd card, and contains 1270 music tracks in flac, ogg or mp3 format.
Each of these files has a "genre" in its metadata, chosen out of a list of about thirty different genres that are my personal creation.
When I click on the "tracks" button of the database, I can see my 1270 files and listen to them with no problem.
But when I click on the "genre" button, I see the correct list of my 30 personal genres, but nearly no file appears in each genre.
In fact it seems to me that the only tracks that appear in a given genre are those tracks which have a cover art in their metadata.
Unfortunaly very few of my files do have a cover art, maybe 10 %, no more.
So the "genre" button is nearly useless for me.
I've tried several times to empty the database and to rescan the folder, to no avail.
What can I do, in your view ?

JL Charrier
Could you please send a track that does not show up in the genres section to and refer to this thread in your email?

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